bimSCORE is the “GPS Navigator” for any enterprise or project team charting a course for Building Information Modeling (BIM).  Our consulting services have been augmented with a new suite of bimSCORE online and instant-score services beginning late spring 2013. 

bimSCORE empowers project teams and enterprises to optimize the value of BIM in four areas:

  •  Planning:  goals with objectives and targets, priorities, BIM Execution Plan (BEP), contracts, budget, and training 

  •  Adoption:  support across project stages and among stakeholders

  •  Technology:  applications, common data environment, data standards, and level of development requirements

  •  Performance:  quantitative and qualitative measures, and return on investment

bimSCORE experts offer impartial and global advice to:

  •  evaluate strengths and opportunities to continuously improve enterprise and project performance

  •  benchmark projects in comparison with best practices and global industry trends

  •  make informed decisions and investments

Where is your economy on the BIM Adoption Timeline?

Priority Actions at Each Stage of BIM Adoption


Confident Level

Reflects completeness and diversity of data used to derive the score 

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