Clients rely on SBI to empower well-reasoned, high-confidence business decisions and objectively report progress, for all aspects of planning, education, and adoption of best practices and relevant technologies — they benefit from our research, analysis, and practical advice. Private and Public clients trust SBI’s advice for enterprise roadmaps and project types including educational institutions, healthcare, mixed-use developments, government facilities, pharma, resorts and theme parks.  These clients often partner with SBI to present at regional, national and international events.  


21 countries/economies of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation sponsored SBI’s development of a BIM start-up guide and workbook for Green Building. The American Institute of Architects invited SBI teammates write sections for two editions of their Handbook of Professional Practice. Professional organizations such as BIM Supporters Group (BSG) , Construction Industry Council (CIC), Hong Kong Institute for Building Information Modelling (HKIBIM), American Institute of Architects (AIA), Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD), Center for Innovation in the Design and Construction Industry CIDCI, BIMForum, buildingSMART International and local chapters benefit from leadership of SBI teammates to promote global advancement. 


SBI has always taken an active role in academic research, extending the horizons of industry knowledge, and education, promoting that knowledge throughout academic and professional sectors. Using our own offices and real estate development projects as demonstration labs to test emerging technologies that improve built environment performance, SBI gains direct experience, and puts our own advice into practice. Organizations including,  including Silicon Valley start-ups, consult SBI to help them with market strategy, user stories, and development prioritization; we share experience gained developing our own products: bimSCORE and 


Through these actions, and more, SBI realizes our mission to optimize the value and sustainability of the global built environment, through continuous improvement.


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