2209 El Camino Real Building

An innovation and demo hub for SBI, PMD, and its partners. Designed by SBI, the building was a construction of a new multi-use shell and core, three level building, on the corner of College Ave and El Camino Real in Palo Alto, CA. The project consists of shell and core retail and office areas on the first and second floor. 

The top floor is a shell and core space for a new residential tenant. The project is approximately 9,600 SQFT with adjacent parking for occupants. It has been LEED Platinum Certified, and received the Palo Alto Green Business Leader Award in 2017.

Digital Rehearsal: Phase Planning
in the Virtual Environment

February 22, 2022

Digitally rehearsed construction sequencing facilitates significantly better planning and leads to a safer work environment. This desired breakthrough can be achieved by leveraging 4D BIM for a "plan the work, work the plan" focus that enables project teams to collaborate and coordinate in a virtual environment before doing the work in the field.

Stanford CIFE Summer Program 2021

September 14-15, 2021

Digitalization is an essential approach to scaling the production of a sustainable, high-performing built environment from a few lighthouse projects to the majority of projects. This year’s CIFE Summer Program will show how owner-operators, design firms, and builders deploy a wide range of digital technologies to address lifecycle concerns more systematically, decarbonize, enhance workforce health and safety, and improve predictability and reliability. Tab the topics below to learn more.

From the session: Generative design and design optimization 

by Blake Courter, CTO nTopology


SBI’s Key Takeaways:

1. Frees time spent on low-yield tasks like tuning wall size to accommodate loads and services
2. nTopology is most compatible with structural and thermal applications
3. CIFE study shows calculation time reduced from weeks to 1 hour with optimization such as:

From the session: “How to improve the usability and operability of buildings”
by Roger Silveira, Director of Facilities, Maintenance & Operations East Side Union High School District
SBI’s Key Takeaways: 
1. Interpreted standards VDC framework for specific educational facility needs e.g.:
  • Client Objectives ⤑ District Goals
  • Project Objective ⤑ Lower CO2 levels through monitoring and improved ventilation
  • Integrated Concurrent Engineering ⤑ improve decision-making with internal and vendors, save time & money on coordination, reduce wasted effort and rework
  • BIM & PPM ⤑ leveraged long term funding, PPM important when scaling up
2. Compare behavioral data with air quality — correlation between high CO2 and behavioral difficulties
3. Ventilation Studies
  • Assessed 2.6 million square feet of space for COVID issues
  • Control of ventilation helps maintain impressively low COVID positive rates 

buildingSMART USA Webinar Series Creating openBIM and open GIS for Infrastructure and Cities

September 8, 2021

Members from Strategic Building Innovation's BIM Supporters Group and HDR shared a proof-of-concept for making openBIM and open GIS data shareable and scalable on a city scale. Dodge Data & Analytics will share findings about the use of GIS data in digital workflows for the AEC industry. The speakers will also make the case for how openBIM and open GIS can become synergistic to the recent open-standards initiatives in the horizontal section of the United States.

buildingSMART USA Webinar
openBIM: An Owner's Perspective

July 14, 2021

SBI's CEO/Founder, Calvin Kam has been contributing to and working along side Charles Matta, Deputy Associate CIO of General Services Administration (GSA) on GSA's over 18 years of ongoing commitment to and becoming the first public agency to adopt and pilot openBIM. Calvin and Charles presented an informative and inspirational session illustrating an Owner’s perspective on the business rationale, user benefits, and long-term value of adopting open standards for building information with highlights from decades of GSA’s foresighted, courageous leadership that literally improved our landscape, engaged global collaboration to expand intellectual and technical capabilities, and continues to bring us pride in our government’s stewardship of the nation’s built environment and ecology.

Engineering News-Record FutureTech

June 10, 2021

On June 10, Calvin Kam, FAIA, PhD, PE was joined by Rick Klooster of Future Insight at the Engineering News-Record Future Tech event, discussing a recent pilot effort to integrate open BIM and GIS data on an urban scale. There's more to our digital twins than what meets the eye - while a typical 3D city model does deliver a photorealistic surface map, only BIM could capture details at a granular level. To ensure data continuity and scalability, four members from BIM Supporters devised an open BIM + GIS platform that integrates data from varying products using open standards. This was a ground-breaking platform endorsing SBI's advocacy for open BIM and the permanent right to use data.

IoT Applications in Real Estate​

May 21, 2021 

In recent years, IoT technology has taken us one step ahead in property technology. The use of IoT technology, fueled by real-time data collection and analytics, has led to the preponderance of a virtual world where property data can be developed and managed with timely insights, diverse perspectives, and better predictions. To address this trend, two professional IoT and PropTech organizations co-organized a panel discussion on May 21 about Smart Construction, Sustainable Building Management, and more. SBI’s CEO Dr. Calvin Kam was invited as a panelist to discuss some real-world examples and the trends to come. He prompted the audeince to reflect upon the ROI of different IoT and digital twin investment, and how best to find an optimal balance between them.

2021 Virtual Spring Owners Leadership Conference

May 14, 2021


SBI hosted a 45-minute workshop at Construction Owners Association of America’s 2021 Virtual Spring Owners Leadership Conference with over 30 owners, university representatives, and government agencies, to help participants navigate the new methods and technologies required to optimize hybrid meetings. It was interesting to see such strong reactions regarding a return to 100% office working from “Please” to “No way!” Check out the session highlights and download printable checklists on Meeting Management, Best Practices, and more.


Critical Success Factors for BIM in the Banking Sector

March 21, 2021


In the webinar our Senior Director Tony Rinella highlighted key points of importance to banking and financial institutions when evaluating the impact of openBIM™ on real estate value creation and optimization. Examples included the role of building information in asset management for an institution with 6 million square feet of office space and more than 500 branch banks, current state-of-practice capabilities, and strategic planning employing digital technologies to help meet primary organizational objectives.

BIM Leadership Training Program Workshop

March 17, 2021

SBI was glad to have Prof. Martin Fischer from Stanford University joining us on the first day of our BIM Leadership Training Program Workshop for 20 HK civil servants. The group had a live interactive Q&A session with Prof. Fischer, and were benefited from his sharing on VDC case studies. The participants were among the 118 professionals who have taken the course developed by Prof. Fischer that was delivered by SBI in collaboration with Stanford Center for Professional Development .

AIA 2021 Project Delivery Symposium

March 9, 2021

Earlier this month SBI’s Jim Bedrick and Tony Rinella participated in a panel of six national experts organized by the The American Institute of Architects Project Delivery Knowledge Community to discuss theory and practical experience with international project delivery models. The SBI team focused on the importance of open standards and openBIM™ to optimize collaboration, and the emergence of reliable standards such as Level of Development and Uniclass to organize and support collaboration processes and deliverable artifacts.

Conversation with a
Global Citizen

December 17, 2020

Recipient of the
BIM Achievement Award

November, 2020


​SBI · bimSCORE is honored to receive the BIM Achievement Award for BIM Organizations 2020, awarded by the Hong Kong Construction Industry Council

Dr. Calvin Kam, FAIA ​

February, 2020


SBI congratulates Dr. Calvin Kam for his elevation as a fellow of the American Institute of Architects.

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