Are Meetings Killing Our Productivity?

Virtualized meetings have evolved over the past couple of years to the point where they are the foundation to ‘business as usual.’

Teams that work efficiently and productively — especially in the remote working environment — can manage their meetings efficiently and collaborate using best practices that lead to sound decisions from the right decision makers. Within this context teams share the most relevant information in a timely manner, leading to actions that are assigned to the right people that are completed on schedule, so the results of those actions contribute to the decision-making process. Collaboration is a crucial factor contributing to effective decision-making.

Stay Connected, Not Infected

Amidst the transformation of our social, political, and economic landscape around COVID-19, we can’t help but wonder how everyone is adjusting from a predominantly physical world to a virtual one. Despite the abundance of technology surrounding us, we do prefer that warm, human, physical interaction. However, every day as we connect with colleagues, partners, and clients around the world, we are reminded of the ways we can use technology to bring us closer together, and the steps we can take to be more effective when meeting virtually.

BIM Adoption Survey 2019

CIC Hong Kong commissioned SBI to conduct one of the largest industry surveys on BIM adoption. 


The BIM Adoption Survey conducted in the year of 2019 aims to establish a fuller picture of the BIM adoption situation in the Hong Kong construction industry and a baseline for benchmarking BIM adoption. It explores the hurdles and opportunities in BIM adoption so as to recommend and develop strategies and actions to advance the BIM adoption in Hong Kong.

Project Clients Summit For the Government sector, Private Sector, and Public Sector

AIA: The Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice 2014


SBI contributed to several sections in the “Technology in Practice” Chapter

Report on integrated practice

SBI contributed to Folio 8 of the Report

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