Professional Education at SBI

Professional Educational Programs, some leading to Certifications, plus Customized Workshops, Learning Programs, Coaching, Role Definition

SBI is a recognized leader in professional education authorized by buildingSMART (USA, Hong Kong), Stanford Center for Professional Development (Global), Construction Industry Council (Hong Kong) Building Construction Authority (Singapore).​

buildingSMART PCERT Foundation openBIM®

This course benefits anyone connected with BIM-empowered projects — openBIM® extends the benefits of BIM (Building Information Modeling) by improving the accessibility,...

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openBIM® Applications

This course help project teams keep pace with the rapid evolution of BIM-related tools that presents challenges for even the most seasoned practitioners who want to ensure they...

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Virtual Design & Construction (VDC)

This course benefits anyone seeking to optimize collaboration, quality, and schedule for BIM-empowered projects.

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Customized Courses & Workshops

Courses and workshops tailored to meet your interests and needs.

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Leveraging openBIM® for Project Management

This course for Project Managers and Teammates better prepares them to specify requirements, manage and execute projects to leverage new technologies, processes, and gain value...

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