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This 9-hour course is delivered live in a virtual classroom in three separate 3-hour sessions, and offered by the US Chapter and Hong Kong Chapter of buildingSMART

Successful candidates will receive a recognition from buildingSMART US or Hong Kong Chapter, depending on the chapter they enroll with.

US $1,200

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HK $10,000

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Course description

This course help project teams keep pace with the rapid evolution of BIM-related tools that presents challenges for even the most seasoned practitioners who want to ensure they are current with the applications best suited to promote success for their project objectives.

Course outline

  1. 01
    Optimal openBIM® workflow for construction companies

    Introductory reviews / Optimal openBIM® workflow / BIM Harmonization & Normalization / Demonstrations

  2. 02
    BIM Coordination

    Workflow automation / BIM coordination / Version comparison / Demonstrations

  3. 03
    COBie and advanced use of openBIM

    COBie Overview & Data Generation / openGIS + IDS / Demonstrations

Learning Objectives

  • Describe model uses and cite applications that can meet these needs

  • Identify model uses appropriate to the objectives of each project, department, organization

  • Identify standards governing model content applicable for each intended model use

  • Define a process for tool selection

  • Describe openBIM applications on real-world projects, benefits and risks, compatibility with "closedBIM"

  • Apply tools directly to projects

  • Develop skill sets supporting identified model uses


  • COBie (plug-in for Revit)

  • SBI [openGIS + IDS]

  • SimpleBIM*

  • Solibri Model Checker*


  • BIMcollab* 

  • BIMsync*

  • Synchro

*Attendees have the option to follow the instructions hands-on with these applications.

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