openBIM® Applications

Course outline

  1. 01
    Significant tools

    both well-established and newly emerging

  2. 02
    Good practice examples

    highlighting the strengths of each

  3. 03
    In-depth training

    for selected tools with practice exercises simulating real-world project conditions and needs.

Course description

This course help project teams keep pace with the rapid evolution of BIM-related tools that presents challenges for even the most seasoned practitioners who want to ensure they are current with the applications best suited to promote success for their project objectives.


  • COBie (plug-in for Revit)

  • SBI [openGIS + IDS]

  • SimpleBIM*

  • Solibri Model Checker*

Introductory Review

  • BIMcollab* 

  • BIMsync*

  • Synchro

*Attendees have the option to follow the instructions hands-on with these applications

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