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A'23 AIA Conference on Architecture 2023

On June 7, 2023, SBI's Founder & CEO, Calvin Kam, FAIA, and Senior Industry Advisor, Jim Bedrick, FAIA, will be hosting a 2 practicums at the A'23 AIA Conference on Architecture, held in San Francisco.

[9:00am - 11:30am] BIM for Project & Contract Management

AECOO organizations worldwide face new challenges in managing projects when BIM and ISO19650 standards are required. In this practicum, architects and project managers will learn information they need to manage BIM aspects of project, not burdened with unnecessary technological detail, yet with sufficient practical application examples to help manage projects and fulfill client needs. Facilitators will present BIM concepts, terminology, and tools useful in managing BIM projects and lead participants in use of these tools to perform critical functions such as helping owners develop organizational information requirements, establish meaningful control and performance metrics, and develop a checklist they can take away for use in managing real-world BIM project.

  1. Understand key BIM terms and concepts.

  2. Develop organizational information requirements.

  3. Use performance metrics to improve contracts, management, and outcomes.

  4. Apply proven methods to specify and manage information exchange.

[1:00pm - 3:30pm] Optimizing Team Collaboration <<SOLD OUT>>

Well-managed collaboration is the cornerstone to successful projects, especially when Integrated Project Delivery, Multi-party Agreements, Design-Build, and BIM analysis are part of the project makeup. In this practicum, architects and project managers will gain new skills based on biological science and practical tools to build consensus in multi-disciplinary environments where competing objectives make clear choices difficult. Owner representatives can use these tools to foster collaboration and optimize the value they derive from consultants, builders, and the facilities they produce. Facilitators will present concepts, provide practical tools including checklists that can be taken away and reused in daily practice, and then concretize this knowledge through team decision making exercises in which participants will resolve complex issues through consensus.

  1. Discover and employ collaboration science good practices.

  2. Learn to facilitate consensus decision-making.

  3. Evaluate benefits of a meeting management tool for effective collaboration.

  4. Achieve resolution of complex issues using the accordion model.

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A'23 AIA Conference on Architecture 2023