Back to Events & Publications Event: 2022 June 14

buildingSMART USA Open Standards Conference

Screen shot of Dr. Calvin Kam (in person at the event) facilitating 3 Education Committee members joining virtuallyIn June 2022, buildingSMART USA hosted an annual hybrid open standards conference in Anaheim, California, with an event planning team that consists largely of SBI teammates. Both horizontal and vertical built environment projects were celebrated at the first buildingSMART-USA live event held in some time. 

The Open Standards Conference provided an opportunity to review openStandards state-of-practice development through industry reporting and presentation of real-world built environment projects.

Topics included the latest thinking and accomplishments regarding Digital Twins,  Model as Legal Document (MaLD), openStandards such as IFC and BCF, illustrated through practical experience. In addition to current examples, sessions touched on groundbreaking, innovative work and the impact of openStandards in government, private procurement, and educational settings.

SBI is extremely active with buildingSMART at the international and chapter levels. In the US, Dr. Calvin Kam serves as both President and Chair of the Education & Certification Committee, with SBI teammates taking on marketing and Professional Certification program roles.