Back to Events & Publications Published: 2023 June 07

HKABAEIMA openBIM/openGIS Award 2023

The International Commerce Centre (ICC) won the BIM Project Award at the CIC Celebration of BIM Achievement 2022 last year (see the post here for details) because it was the only existing commercial building that did digital twin retrospectively. CIC wanted to promote the sharing of knowledge and experience of converting the existing building into digital twin through this iconic project.

SHKP, Kaishing, ICC and SBI did not stop there and we continued the momentum to bring this project to another level and won the Grand Award from buildingSMART Hong Kong Chapter in May 2023. After setting up the digital twin retrospectively from 1000+ drawings, what become more important is to increase the diffusion so the digital twin can really bring benefits to the daily work of property management team. Most of the staff in daily work may not have learned BIM before, so this is where openBIM comes into play to demonstrate the importance and benefits of data sharing and transformation under universal standards. With the help of IFC files and BCF files, the model can then be shared and viewed on different software by different stakeholders in the working group. In addition, SBI also innovated the work flow to allow separation of the entire floor plan and pass the portion to the tenants for updating their own unit; the model can then be plugged into the entire model afterwards to ensure the single source of truth.

This project created a revolutionary ecosystem with the help of technology under open standards, inspiring the construction market to innovate the work flow to be focused more on process and people, especially the broader team who may not have learned BIM, how they can also benefit from the adoption of BIM and new technology.