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Seeing is Believing: a 2023 update

openBIM is poised to become the dominant industry standard for structuring, managing, and leveraging data across the entire lifecycle of transportation assets in the USA. However, the process of standardization and widespread adoption is a time-consuming endeavor, typically spanning three to ten years or more. Early testing is essential to evaluate the viability of openBIM and present a compelling business case to industry professionals. 

"Seeing is Believing", an initiative that SBI is leading for buildingSMART USA, lays a foundation for buildingSMART International's accelerator program dedicated to achieving this objective. This initiative is designed to accelerate the integration of openBIM within the infrastructure sector. It provides a platform for sharing crucial insights and experiences gained through initial openBIM experiments, drawing on the collective knowledge and expertise of stakeholders to drive change and stimulate innovation in the industry. 

The program has been carried out by 2 facilitators with resources provided by 2 US Departments of Transportation and 3 solution providers.

The answer to accelerating this process is State DOTs making a commitment to get there, and what we're seeing here today is the extraordinary growth, interest and commitment by public agencies. 

The inaugural "Seeing is Believing" event, held at Stanford University on May 11, marked a significant milestone. Solution seekers, providers, and facilitators from 15 countries, representing experts in infrastructure, convened to define the program's objectives and outline crucial next steps. Speakers shared their experiences and spotlighted success stories, underscoring the pivotal role of open standards in executing infrastructure projects efficiently. 

The momentum gained from the initial event continued to build, leading to the second "Seeing is Believing" event held at the Oracle Innovation Lab on August 23. At this juncture, the initiative had progressed significantly, and attendees were treated to openBIM demonstrations that utilized real models across different solutions, providing concrete examples of how openBIM can be effectively applied in infrastructure projects. 

We look forward to furthering this progress that we started this year, and welcome collaboration from all owners, solution providers, and consultants. 

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