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Stanford CIFE Summer Program 2021 | Supporting Learning through the lens of VDC

Digitalization is an essential approach to scaling the production of a sustainable, high-performing built environment from a few lighthouse projects to the majority of projects. This year’s CIFE Summer Program will show how owner-operators, design firms, and builders deploy a wide range of digital technologies to address lifecycle concerns more systematically, decarbonize, enhance workforce health and safety, and improve predictability and reliability. Tab the topics below to learn more.

From the session: “How to improve the usability and operability of buildings” by Roger Silveira, Director of Facilities, Maintenance & Operations East Side Union High School District SBI’s Key Takeaways: 

1. Interpreted standards VDC framework for specific educational facility needs e.g.: 

  • -Client Objectives ⤑ District Goals -Project Objective ⤑ Lower CO2 levels through monitoring and improved ventilation 

  • -Integrated Concurrent Engineering ⤑ improve decision-making with internal and vendors, save time & money on coordination, reduce wasted effort and rework 

  • -BIM & PPM ⤑ leveraged long term funding, PPM important when scaling up 

2. Compare behavioral data with air quality — correlation between high CO2 and behavioral difficulties 

3. Ventilation Studies Assessed 2.6 million square feet of space for COVID issues Control of ventilation helps maintain impressively low COVID positive rates